ballet shoes earrings

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ballet shoes earrings

ballet shoes earrings ballet shoes earrings ballet shoes earrings

ballet shoes earrings

One of the reasons we love our colleagues at (in addition to their obsession with county fair food) is their yearly Peeps diorama contest. We’re importing their Midwest humor to share with our Bay Area readers. You might think that tiny marshmallow bunnies are always cute. You would be wrong. The Pioneer Press Peeps Diorama Contest entries show a growing number of serious themes — ranging from political commentary to tributes to the dead to commemorations of historic events.

The Colorado pop-rock act, led by singer-songwriter Ryan Tedder, just keeps cranking out smash singles and hit records, It’s most recent album, “Native,” has already produced three platinum-certified singles — including the ballet shoes earrings blockbuster “Counting Stars.”, Not coincidentally, OneRepublic is now filling major venues across the country, OneRepublic performs Friday at Shoreline Amphitheatre ($30-$81) and Saturday at Concord Pavilion ($24-$95), Show times are 7 p.m, The Script and American Authors are the openers, Visit for more information..

“Chris asked if I wanted Robert to call every night,” Teri said, “and I said, ‘just when he asks for me.’ I dropped Robert off on Saturday and he went until Thursday before we talked. He had a wonderful time.”. Robert noted there are seven members in his family, beginning with his mom and dad, John and Teri Voorhes, himself and his 15-year-old brother Max. “I also have a big dog G.B.,” Robert said. “C.B. is also a dog. He is smaller and acts like a puppy. Perry is our cat and is the boss of the dogs.”.

Sure, we had a run-in with a chocolate ice cream cone that melted all over Daphne’s white taffeta party dress, and yes, we dropped our first Dum Dum and had to forage around on the floor for it (quietly), Also Daphne is still not entirely clear why we can’t kick the seat in front of us (sigh!), (Which reminds me, toddlers aren’t tall enough to see the stage well even from center orchestra seats, so bring a pillow or let them snuggle on your lap.), Still Daphne was agog from start to (almost) finish, She sat mesmerized by the Christmas tree that seems to ballet shoes earrings grow before your eyes, She couldn’t get enough of the Sugar Plum Fairy (a lithe Laura O’Malley) and she delighted at the antics of the Chinese Lion (especially the winking), Watching her eyes light up made the familiar ballet somehow seem new to me, I was also tickled by her many spontaneous bouts of applause, I had planned to prompt her to clap appropriately, but there was no need..

New Year’s Eve Celebration at Benchmark: 5-9 p.m., 499 Ninth St. A four-course prix fixe menu ($85) offers Italian winter holiday dishes with optional wine pairings. Complimentary party favors. Abstract Table: 7:30 p.m., 2123 Franklin St. A special five-course New Year’s Eve menu that includes smoked ocean trout three ways and Japanese honey cake with Fresno chile ice cream. $90. Copper Spoon: Seatings 5:30-10 p.m., 4031 Broadway. $75 four-course prix fixe menu with a $40 optional cocktail or wine pairing. Menu features such items as Dungeness crab, Cornish game hen and more. From 10 p.m.-2 a.m. there will be a dance party with DJ Mark Maiden. $20, free for diners.

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